The preview for the sport in 2013 looks promising:
"Cassydy" by Corrado and "Cornetto" by Cornet Obolensky are together with our rider Markus Renzel very well prepared for the biggest international classes and they already have impressed all experts with very successful performances at CSI Hannover, CSI Basel and CSI Dortmund!
Also they have strong support by the 9 yrs old gelding "Cannavaro" by Cornet Obolensky and the 11 yrs old "Chico" by Cordobes. The beautiful 8 yrs old Holstein stallion "Leviano" by Levisto - Quidam de Revel and his collegue "Cabalou" by Caretino are the upcoming stars and presenting already winnings and placings up to 1,45 m classes!
After winning the highly recommended "Preis der Zukunft" at CSI Kiel the elegant 7 yrs old mare "Südwind's Whisper" by Casall is in the limelight and also our hopes are high for the powerful bay gelding "Cato" by Chequille.
In the "EQUO-stable" are many more extremely talented showjumpers and they are all motivated to come up with positive surprises in this next season!
Please enjoy watching