Markus Renzel
with "Nausica Tame" by Flipper d'Elle
"Riding with intelligence"
Successful toprider of international standard
Sensible trainer of talented
young showjumpers
Since 1994 Markus Renzel has been working with Team EQUO.
With his education from Axel Wöckener he presents with perfection
the young talents in the styleclasses.
Additionally he leads the up and coming horses on to the higher level and
competes with great success at national and international horseshows.
He is the winner of many Grand Prix and Nation Cups and for many years
member of the elite team from the German Olympic Committee.
His horses excell with the very accurate classic way of teaching in the daily
work and in the training rounds at shows. The fine basic work leads to very
successful harmonic rounds even in extremely difficult GP classes.
Markus Renzel gets support by CWD Deutschland,
"EQUINAVET" (horse supplements) and "Animo" (ridingwear)