Axel Wöckener
and his daughter Tina with "Piko"
"The horseman"
Producer and source of many worldclass horses
Trainer of many horsesand riders up to championships
Former competitor at international shows
For 40 years Axel Wöckener runs with his family a showjumping yard
of very high quality in Westfalia.
His talent of finding exceptionally talented horse personalities made him a well known producer of many famous horses in the international topsport. They belong to the
most successful jumpers and winners of most prize money in the world.
"Everest Forever"/Liz Edgar (GP Aachen) , "Hopscotch", "Grannusch" and "Gammon"/John Whitaker (EM Dinard, GP Calgary), "Calvaro" / Willi Melliger
(OG Atlanta); "Two Step" / Michael Whitaker (EM St. Gallen), "Vesuve Paluelle",
"Remus Equo", "Castello" / A.M.Bauer (OG Atlanta, Sydney, GP Athen),
"Crocodile Dandy", "Cantida", "Sansierra", "Cover Girl", "Laskara" / Alison Firestone (GP Oslo), "Peu à Peu" / Markus Renzel and Daniel Etter (GP Neapel), "Rodeo des Isles", "Conally", "Cassydy", "Cornetto" / Markus Renzel (GP Münster, Balve).
The philosophy for his way of life and work with the horses is the appreciation of an atmosphere in harmony and respect. He values a generous cultivated surrounding and individual care for the horses. Excellent training conditions help the accurate schooling with his riders and grooms.
The aim is a fair system of training horses of different ages to achieve good results
in the sport and to please ambitious riders and clients for a long time.